The Prez gets it right

This is something libs have conveniently forgotten:

"We are fighting against men with blind hatred — and armed with lethal weapons — who are capable of any atrocity. They wear no uniform; they respect no laws of warfare or morality. They take innocent lives to create chaos for the cameras."

Instead, today's Dems -- ok, not all of them, but a whole lot -- rail against their own country's troops and commanders.

If you think America has problems, that's fine -- but how is complaining about an "exit strategy" (something Bush outlined last night, btw) and a supposed "gulag" at Gitmo going to fix anything?

The point is, the ABSOLUTELY most important issue facing the nation is the confrontation with Islamofascism, (go here for a glimpse at that kind of future) and President Bush understands that:

"The terrorists who attacked us [on 9/11] -— and the terrorists we face —- murder in the name of a totalitarian ideology that hates freedom, rejects tolerance, and despises all dissent."

If that kind of evil is not marginalized, the Durbins, Pelosis, and Reids of the world won't have a tongue to complain with.

p.s. -- Support the troops! link to America Supports You.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog...keep up the good work! I agree this war isn't in vain and a pull out date shouldn't be demanded. Although, I think Bush emphasized 9/11 to drum up sympathy too many times.

30 June, 2005 11:53  

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