Property rights protection moving forward in Texas

From the AP:

Texas and local governments couldn't seize private property if the main reason behind it is economic development under legislation a committee approved today.

The bill and others have been filed in Texas after last month's U-S Supreme Court ruling. That decision said municipalities have broad power to bulldoze homes and put up private development to generate tax revenue.

Representative Frank Corte of San Antonio says the Supreme Court's ruling set off a firestorm across the country. And many states are considering similar legislation to his.

After Tuesday's meeting, Texas Municipal League Executive Director Frank Sturzl said he had concerns about Corte's bill. But he noted that very few cities plan on doing anything like the New Haven case that was the basis of the federal decision.

The House Land and Resource Management Committee approved Corte's proposed constitutional amendment. A Senate committee is scheduled to take up eminent domain bills today.

The bills are HJR 19, SJR 9, SJR 10, and SB 62. (click the links for full text of each bill)


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