Cyber-looters cometh

Guess who thinks the U.S.'s dominance in the World Wide Web is "unfair?"

The UN's Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG). (see the report here)

Michael Geist, an Internet and e-commerce law researcher at the University of Ottawa, offers a nice summary of WGIG's four proposals, none of which sound good to me.

Fortunately, President Bush and the Internet Corp for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the group that currently oversees the Web's Domain Name System, are taking a strong stance against the looters at WGIG.

For "thinkers" to propose that the U.S.'s MASSIVE investment of capital and research in the World Wide Web does not entitle it the lion's share of its governance is the epitome of the looter's moral code, e.g:
"The need of the weak is an obligation upon the ability of the strong."


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