Corte stands firm

I just read this AP story:

House says no negotiations with Senate on eminent domain bill

AUSTIN (AP) - The fate of a Texas bill limiting when governments can take private property rests with the state Senate. (full story)

The Texas House today voted not to negotiate with the upper chamber on the final details of the measure. The legislation would limit state and local governments from taking private property if the main purpose is for economic development.


The Senate approved the bill first and sent it to the House. Lawmakers there added provisions to the bill and kicked it back to the Senate. Senators agreed to negotiate with the House on the differences, but the House refused today.

Now, the Senate must accept the bill as the House approved it or it won't become law.

Corte reportedly had strong words for the Senate: "The members of the House voted strongly in favor of Texas citizens today by refusing to dismantle real property protections. Despite efforts by big government advocates and special-interest, Representatives decided to stand on the side of Texans and they provided a mechanism for real property security." (press release here)

It seems he feels the same way I do.


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