Good news!

Good news to report from the Texas Legislature today:
From the AP:
"The Texas House today approved a plan that's meant to limit eminent domain."

State or local governments would be barred from seizing private property in Texas mainly for economic development under the proposed state constitutional amendment.

If passed by the Senate, the proposal would go before Texas voters in November.

The US Supreme Court recently ruled that municipalities have broad power to bulldoze homes to make room for malls or other private development to generate tax money.

The US Constitution allows governments to use eminent domain to seize private property without the owner's consent -- for public purposes. The owner must be compensated.

The high court ruled in a case involving New London, Connecticut, which sought to take homes to make way for -- private development.

The Supreme Court also said states could ban the practice.

The House eminent domain legislation is HJR19.

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