Rumble in Robertson Co.

Confusion abounds as Mumford, TX ISD officials "do their best" to comply with a court order banning them from accepting white student tranfers from neighboring Hearne. An update from yesterday, US Eastern District of Texas Judge William Justice has denied a stay of his order that would have let current transfers go to school today.

At issue are some 60 white students who -- along with a majority of hispanic and black students -- left Hearne for better-performing schools in Mumford.

This morning (the first day of school), Mumford didn't turn any white students away, but says some kids didn't show at all.

Interestingly, Mumford itself is 60% minority students but their schools are being blamed for upsetting the racial mix in Hearne. Has anyone considered that bringing white students to Mumford is increasing diversity there? If having a diverse student body is what our schools are supposed to do, why shouldn't Mumford be aided in that quest?

In the meantime, Mumford says it will turn all white Hearne students away tomorrow, even as its lawyers appeal

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UPDATE: Latest media coverage from KBTX-TV and the Bryan/College Station Eagle.


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